Pros and Cons of Power Banks

Anyone who has a busy schedule will agree that getting a power bank is a good investment. In our modern world, being without a working smartphone makes you short-handed: you can’t call, can’t send a message, can’t check info on the Internet, can’t do literally anything. This sounds like a nightmare. Thankfully, power banks can save us from such a high-and-dry situation. 

Simply speaking, a power bank is a portable battery that you can bring along and use whenever you need it. Usually, people recharge their cell phones with power banks. However, some models have such a huge capacity that allows charging laptops, cameras, speakers, earphones, etc. 

Everything sounds amazing, huh? Might such a great device have even one flaw? In fact, it might have, and even it does have a significant disadvantage. A power bank can damage your phone’s battery. 

We understand that it sounds horrible. But wait for a second and don’t throw away your power bank. You can avoid such consequences if you use the following pieces of advice.

Pick up quality power banks 

One of the most widespread mistakes people make while buying a power bank is choosing a low-quality device. Read reviews and check specifications to make a reasonable choice. 

Check voltage 

Having the wrong voltage in your power bank will lead to problems, too. The ideal voltage to charge a phone is 5V. If any power bank gives a voltage of 4.2V or less, it will drain your battery instead of charging it.

Any voltage output greater than 5V will extensively damage your phone’s circuits by overloading it more than it can handle.

Don’t overcharge your phone 

Keeping your cell phone 100%-charged all the time might seem like a good idea. However, it will damage your phone’s battery and your device won’t be able to retain its charge for long. 

A good practice to protect your phone is to use power banks only in some emergencies. 

As you see, power banks are great in some cases, but you should use them smartly. If you need a quality power bank, we recommend checking our collection here

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